Our glasses frames are as individual as you are.....

Fashion is fleeting, trends come in and trends go out.  Styles, shapes, materials and different colours are interchangable throughout the seasons.  A glasses frame style maybe 'in' one season and 'out' the next.  So, what happens to all of those unwanted, unloved frames?  Well, that's where Queen of Specs comes in, capitalising on our 50 years in optics we are able to source 'new old' stock, never worn and in pristine condition - thus saving it from landfill or a fate worse than that... incineration!

As we choose only the top designers and eyewear manufacturers our new frames are of the best quality and eyecatching in their design.... and as we all know what goes around comes around, so many of the frames are now back in style. 

Our older 'new' frames fall into the vintage bracket with some of them dating back 50 years, these are truly rare and hard to find, so if you're after a bespoke, individual look these are the ones to buy, we love sourcing frames that are from rare to wear.

And if you really want to display your individuality then you can create sunglasses out of any of the glasses frames by choosing tinted lenses to be added..... your style is in your hands.

So whether you're into vintage Christian Dior, Chanel or Bvlgari, handmade Alain Mikli, simple and stylish Agnes B, or avant garde Boz and JF Rey we are sure you'll find your pair....




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