Comets Pupdate - Your sales help us to sponsor Comet, a Guide Dog for the Blind 🐶

Comet is our sponsored Guide Dog for the Blind, made possible by sales from Queen of Specs.  We have been sponsoring him for several months now.... here is his latest pupdate from


Comet is loving the warmer weather and has been making great progress with his training. This month, Puppy Raiser, Bridget, has been introducing Comet to many new environments including the train! Comet was very calm during his first train journey and settled beautifully. We are so proud of his progress! Bridget will continue to build up his confidence by going on more regular train journeys over the next few months. 

Comet is continuing to build his confidence in various environments. He recently visited a busy souvenir shop with his Puppy Raiser Bridget whilst on holiday in Weston-super-Mare. Comet was well-behaved and waited patiently whilst Bridget browsed the shelves. Keep up the great work Bridget and Comet!