Join us in celebrating the month of love...


I am so glad it is finally February - a month focused on love and kindness. Since we are talking about love I thought this post should be all about one of my favourite types of love – Self-Love.  I am a strong believer that you have to spend time filling your own pot of love in order to share love with others.

But How?

When you love yourself you are taking care of yourself – when you feel good and look good you have the confidence to tackle the world. Self love and self care gives you the energy to love and care for others.Loving yourself means taking time out to take care of you - it's not selfish, it's necessary and it needn't cost the Earth or take up lots of valuable time.

To make a start with self-love let's dip our toe in gently...

Consider how you could take time out for yourself this week.  Whether it's 10 minutes to savour that cup of tea, a half hour soak in the bath or an hour out in the fresh air - do something for you!

For me - it's a long walk in the fresh air, come rain or shine (and even snow) this is the way to my heart.

Our gorgeous frames also make me feel happy - in fact I love nothing more than trying on a few bright and cheery pairs when I'm feeling down - it's like my own little dressing up box!

 I hope you find some time for self-love this week.  Next week is all about.... movement.

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