Sustainable eyewear? Yes please......

Well as we’re half way through ‘Secondhand September’ and mid-way through Recycle Week – we’re loving the focus on giving Mother Nature a helping hand….. want to do more?

At Queen of Specs we specialise in vintage, reconditioned and ‘new old stock’ to offer you a stunning collection of frames ready to personalise with your prescription requirements.👓

Discovering and reusing frames means saving frames from landfill or incineration, less carbon footprint and plastic waste. ♻

Glasses frames are almost impossible to recycle so we do our bit by restoring as many as possible - and the added bonus is that many of these frames are now vintage and rare so you can create your own style and help save the planet at the same time. ✔

Each reconditioned frame goes through a detailed process;

  • Firstly we check for any damage or faulty parts (no one wants wonky ears)
  • It's then popped into the ultrasonic cleaner which removes dirt, dust, grime and bacteria.
  • We then replace any worn or damaged parts before the frame gets a final buff and polish.
  • The frames are ready for you to personalise with lenses of your choice.



We also offer 10% off your first order.... just use NEW10 to get your discount.